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Commonly Used Chinese Herbs and Formulae in the UK

Chinese Herbs (Data source: AcuMedic, London © 2009) Huang Qi     黄芪 Gou Qi Zi  枸杞子 Gui Zhi  桂枝 Dang Gui  当归 Mai Men Dong  麦门冬 Fu Ling  茯苓 Bai Shao Yao  白芍药 Ju Hua  菊花 Gan Cao  甘草 Chen Pi  陈皮 Ban Xia  半夏 Shu Di Huang  熟地黄 Mu Dan...

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Best-selling herbs in the EU

20 Best-selling Chinese herbs in Europe (The source of the list: “European Chamber of Commerce of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ECCTCM)): Latin Chinese Astragali Radix 黃芪 Huang Qi Poria 茯苓 Fu Ling Angelicae Sinensis Radix...

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