Vivian Taam Wong (Chair) and Chris Chan (Co-Chair)


Following the work of the whole chain of GXP standards ending with clinical research under GCP, a new Interest Group has been created as the final step in promoting evidence-based clinical practice.

Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) provides reference and guidance to optimize clinical practice through the systematic collection and evaluation of high quality evidence. The engagement with stakeholder, comprehensive data collection and critical appraisal of evidence is key to the success of CPG.  The development of implementation science facilitates the utilization of CPG among clinicians.

From the societal perspective, CPG may adopt a utilitarianism approach aiming to guide healthcare policy decision based on cost-effectiveness, which maximize the use of medical resources on all fronts.  From the patient perspective, CPG provides best available and comprehensive evidence to assist informed decision making of both patient and clinician.

Chinese medicine emphasizes personalized treatment through multi-dimensional diagnosis, which aligns with the precision medicine movement.  How could individualized therapy be used to develop CPG?   How could real-world effectiveness of CPG be assessed?



  1. To promote the use of CPG in the practice of Chinese medicine
  2. To initiate, standardize or develop CPG for specific diseases
  3. To provide a platform to foster communication around CPG-related issues

Action plan

  1. Promote the use of CPG via academic publications, professional engagement and governmental collaboration
  2. Form disease specific workgroups to summarize the current status of disease specific CPG
  3. Establish and maintain Interest Group communication channel for discussion among members


We welcome clinicians, scientists and healthcare professionals who are interested in CPG-related issues.  Please indicate your interest in any one or all of the 3 actions in general and the specific disease in particular.