In kind return to our support to a grant application led by East Linden, the company has decided to provide the GP-TCM consortium up to 30 usernames and passwords for free access to their World Traditional Medicine Patent Database (WTMPD). The database covers all patent literature related to natural medicines issued by 22 countries and 2 international organisations since 1985. All patents, both in Chinese and English, totalling 150,000 (more than 400,000 family patents), are high-quality manually processed, deeply indexed and translated. WTMPD has several auxiliary databases, such as natural medicine database, chemical substance database, Chinese medicine formula database. Based on the above rich resources, professional searching functions are provided to facilitate the efficient utilizing of patent information, including quick search, form search, advanced search, IPC search, chemical structure search, natural medicine search, Chinese medicine formula search, as well as Chinese medicine formula similarity search have been designed. In addition, this database provide over 30 search entries and support multi-language search, synonym expansion search and cross-database search. If you would like to obtain further information as well as have access to the database, please contact the consortium Project Manager ([email protected]) for further details.

Please see attached documents for further details:

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