To become a member of the Association, please complete the application form given below and send an email to [email protected] as a word document as well as the signed PDF copy.

GP-TCM RA membership Application Form


The GP-TCM RA Secretariat will then be in touch with you to process your application. The membership fees are as follows:

Ordinary Full Member: Free

Ordinary Members are the main category of members and are subject to renewal as required.

Student Member: Free

Student Members are members who are registered students at a given time. Student Membership is free, but the Association reserves the right to demand proof of student status. Student membership needs to be renewed every year.

Life Member: 400 GBP (one off)

Life Members are members whose benefits as Ordinary Members will last throughout the members’ whole life, after having paid a Life Membership fee in one go, and are recognized as Individual Members with long-term commitment to the Association.

Honorary Member: Free

Honorary Members will enjoy all Ordinary Membership benefits after appointment throughout the members’ life, without needing to pay fees, and are recognized as outstanding Individual Members who have made tremendous contribution to a field of relevance to the missions of the GP-TCM RA.

Corporate Member: 1,000 GBP per year*

Corporate Members are companies who are approved as members and have paid their membership fees.

Institutional Member: 1,000 GBP per year*

Institutional Members are Universities or other academic not-for profit institutions. If Institutional Members have difficulties in paying the membership fees, they can be exempted by the BoD.

Payment instructions will be provided upon successful acceptance of your application.

*Membership fees will be calculated on a pro-rata basis for newly joined Corporate and Institutional Members during the first year.

Before proceeding with your membership application, please check the following notes:

  • Membership of the Association is open to all those who are interested in the objectives of the Association. The Association reserves the right to refuse membership to any person deemed unfit to participate in the activities of the Association.
  • The membership categories are defined as: Life Member, Ordinary Full Member, Student Member and Corporate Member (company or institution). Corporate Members are represented by a delegate, which must be announced to the Secretary-General in written form. The Treasurer reserves the right to demand proof of status for the Student category. Honorary Members can be appointed.
  • No person shall be admitted a member of the Association unless his/her application for membership is approved by the body authorised by the management team of the Association. There shall be no fewer than three members of the Association at any one time. There shall be no maximum.
  • Termination of membership: Any member is entitled to give notice of the termination of his/her membership in the Association via a written declaration addressed to the President. Such termination of membership becomes effective immediately. There is no refund of membership fees.
  • The exclusion of a member may be ordered by the Association if:
    • the member still owes his/her annual membership fee six weeks after the sending of a second reminder, or
    • the member has acted in a manner causing appreciable harm to the Association’s public reputation.
  • The excluded member is entitled, following a request to the Association, to present an appeal at the next regular Members’ Meeting. This matter shall be included as a regular item of business on the agenda of the Meeting. The exclusion is regarded as invalid if the Meeting does not confirm it by majority vote conducted by secret ballot.

Benefits of Ordinary Membership:

  • To have the rights to elect and to be elected officers of the GP-TCM RA, including Board of Directors (BoD) members and President-elect
  • To have the rights to be co-opted BoD members and appointed executive officers, e.g. Interested Group Chair and Co-Chair, Newsletter Editorial Board Member, etc
  • To organise and participate in GP-TCM RA events, contributing to and supporting the mission of the GP-TCM RA
  • To be informed about all activities of GP-TCM RA
  • To receive GP-TCM RA Newsletters that provide information about TCM Research
  • To be eligible for a reduction in fees for symposia organised by GP-TCM RA
  • To join GP-TCM RA Interest Groups and to network with experts involved with different aspects of TCM research in order to develop collaborative projects

Benefits of Student Membership:

  • To enjoy all Ordinary Membership benefits; and
  • To enjoy Student Members’ exclusive benefits, such as travel awards, and participate in Student Member exclusive events.

Benefits of Life Membership:

  • To enjoy all Ordinary Membership benefits throughout the member’s whole life, after having paid a Life Membership fee in one go; and
  • To be recognised as an Individual Member with long-term commitment to the Association.

Benefits of Honorary Membership:

  • To enjoy all Ordinary Membership benefits throughout the member’s life, without needing to pay fees; and
  • To be recognised as an outstanding Senior Individual Member who has made tremendous contribution to a field of relevance to the missions of the GP-TCM RA.

Benefits of Corporate Membership/ Institutional Membership:

  • Company or institution logo and link on the Corporate Member Showcase website
  • Opportunities to feature your company or institution in the GP-TCM RA Newsletters
  • Priority to contribute to GP-TCM RA events
  • Access to GP-TCM RA Interest Groups
  • Free advertisement for vacant positions/job opportunities
  • Reduced fee for exhibition at GP-TCM RA meetings
  • Closer industry-academia collaboration in R&D and regulatory affairs
  • Interacting with the Board of Directors through a Corporate Members’ Committee
  • Unique networking opportunities for your company or institution at international, national and regional events for the wider GP-TCM RA community
  • Opportunities to contribute to advancing TCM R&D, across a range of activities, through the Association’s special interest groups and working parties
  • Opportunities to co-host specialist meetings or co-produce books, audio and video materials to promote good practice of TCM
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