Objectives: The Association is a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting high-quality evidence-based research of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) through developing, disseminating and implementing good practice. The objectives for which the Association is established are:

  1. Perpetuate the interactive network established by the FP7 GP-TCM consortium;
  2. Promote discussion and implementation of good practice in TCM research and development, including the use of sustainably sourced materials;
  3. Advocate high-quality evidence-based research and development on TCM as well as on its integration with conventional medicine;
  4. Organise and co-organise scientific meetings and specialist courses;
  5. Nurture young TCM researchers at different levels in an interdisciplinary approach, including BSc, MSc, PhD and post-doctoral programmes;
  6. Facilitate collaborations and sharing of resources, expertise and good practice among members, industry and regulatory agencies;
  7. Encourage collaborations with existing relevant societies, consortia and organisations;
  8. Strengthen interdisciplinary, interregional, and intersectoral collaborations in TCM research and development;
  9. Perpetuate good practice in publishing TCM research outcomes;
  10. Disseminate scientific research outcomes and latest developments in regulatory sciences to stakeholders, industry, professional groups and the public.
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