GP-TCM Research Association has established Interest Groups on:

1. Quality Control – Rudolf Bauer (Chair) and Monique Simmonds (Co-Chair)


2. Pharmacology and Toxicology – Thomas Efferth (Chair), Lie-Fen Shyur (Co-Chair) and Qihe Xu (Co-Chair)

3. Clinical Studies – Aiping Lu (Chair), Lidan Zhong (Co-Chair) and Xiao-Yang Hu (Co-Chair)

4. Regulatory Aspects – Mei Wang (Chair), Gerhard Franz (Co-Chair) and Li-Ping Qu (Co-Chair)

5. Acupuncture – Moxibustion and Meridians – Nicola Robinson (Chair), Lixing Lao (Co-Chair) and Jianping Liu (Co-Chair)

6. Publication – Myeong Soo Lee (Chair) and De-An Guo (Co-Chair)

7. Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) – Vivian Taam Wong (Chair) and Chris Chan (Co-Chair)

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