The GP-TCM RA Newsletter January 2020 can be downloaded here: The GP-TCM RA Newsletter January 2020 Chinese New Year Special Edition

Dear GP-TCM RA Members and Friends,

We wish you a happy Chinese New Year and a prosperous Year of the Rat!

Highlights of the GP-TCM RA Newsletter January 2020:

  • TCM Progress in 2019
  • Protecting Chinese doctors
  • The Top Retractions of 2019
  • BMJ reports on workaholic academics
  • Method to watch: Tools for metabolomics
  • Latest developments from EMA and FDA
  • Deficiency and excess syndromes in TCM
  • Method to watch: Informatics for genomics
  • China’s Top-10 Life Science Advances in 2019
  • A Brief History of The GP-TCM RA Newsletters
  • TCM diagnosis and treatment of chronic nephritis
  • Method of the Year 2019: Single-cell multimodal omics
  • TCM treatment must strive to restore Yin-Yang balance
  • Technology Feature: Boost that metabolomic confidence
  • Ginkgo’s Extreme Longevity Credited to Immune System
  • Advocating and Promoting Chinese Medicine to the World
  • Violence against health care workers in China, 2013–2016
  • Protecting health research in the UK: culture and collaboration
  • China Sentences Gene-Editing Scientist to Three Years in Jail
  • Monthly Chinese Materia Medica Highlights: (人参) and (西洋参)
  • China adopts new law to promote basic medical and health care
  • A tribute to Zhang Zhongjing on the 1800th anniversary of his death
  • Top-10 scientific breakthroughs according to Chinese academicians
  • How is China able to provide enough food to its over 1 billion people?
  • Six TCM projects awarded Prizes of China’s National S&T Advances 2019
  • Lancet call for papers: Evaluating the progress of health research in China
  • Wakley-Wu Lien Teh Prize Essay 2019: two generations of Chinese doctors
  • TCM-related meetings in Wuhan, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Greece and the UK
  • WJTCM: The latest issue and publications of clinical importance highlighted
  • 2019 Report and 2020 Outlook on China’s Domestic TCM Medicinal Industry
  • Clinical Evidence for Acupuncture and Acupressure Treatment of Cancer Pain
  • Nature special feature highlights the 4th Chinese Materia Medica Resources Survey
  • China’s FDA publishes guidelines on Using Real-World Evidence to support R&D of Drugs

AcknowledgementsWe thank Prof Hubiao Chen (Hong Kong), Dr Ping Guo (Hong Kong), Prof Jiqing Liu(Shenzhen), Dr Elizabeth Qi (Hong Kong), Prpf Jiangang Shen (Hong Kong), Prof Xuanbin Wang (Shiyan), Dr Qihe Xu (London), Prof Zhongzhen Zhao (Hong Kong) and the WJTCM Editorial Office (Beijing) for their invaluable contributions. Images of symbolic Chinese culture and Chinese New Year couplets highlighting Mr. Qi Gong’s calligraphy are gratefully borrowed from here: (中文)–c5Z53u0EAxxnZfVAlDSX3JXWdmS51VOr9aDY  (中文) (中文)

Best wishes,

Qihe Xu, London; Pierre Duez, Mons; Yuan-Shiun Chang, Taichung; Xuanbin Wang, Shiyan

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