The GP-TCM RA Newsletter February 2020 can be downloaded here: The GP-TCM RA Newsletter February 2020

Dear GP-TCM RA Members and Friends,

This the last issue I shall lead to produce as your Editor-in-chief.

From March 2020, after having served as the EIC or co-editor of 89 issues and deputy editor for 53 issues of the GP-TCM and GP-TCM RA Newsletters, I shall adopt a new title, Consulting Editor. I look forward to work under the leadership of our new EIC, President Aiping Lu and our new Executive Editor Dr Ping Guo. We know that we can continue to count in your support!

Herein, I’d like to sincerely thank my past Deputy Editors, Prof Pierre Duez, Prof Yuan-Shiun Chang and Prof Xuanbin Wang. Thank you – I have thoroughly enjoyed your great support!

Highlights of the GP-TCM RA Newsletter February 2020:

  • Li Wenliang
  • European Reports
  • Omics in Progress
  • Can Bats Be Eaten?
  • Invitations from WJTCM
  • Placebo and Nocebo Effects
  • Doctors and civil disobedience
  • Invitation from Future Meetings
  • The Ultimate qPCR Experiment
  • Treasurer’s 6-week visit to China
  • Keep the EU and UK collaborating in science
  • Sounding Board: Our thoughts are with China
  • Reports on the 55th GP-TCM RA BoD Meeting
  • Study reveals ginkgo trees’ secret to longevity
  • Framework for “N-of-1” Experimental Therapies
  • Cellular and Molecular Probing of Intact Human Organs
  • Reports on China and China’s International Cooperation
  • The exposome and health: Where chemistry meets biology
  • Reports on Acupuncture, TCM and Other Traditional Medicine
  • Therapeutic effects of garlic in cardiovascular atherosclerotic disease
  • Special Highlights on “2019-nCoV” (aka “SARS-CoV2”) and COVID-19
  • Change of the Editorial Board leadership of the GP-TCM RA Newsletters
  • Monthly Chinese Materia Medica Highlights: Wrinkly skinned chaenomeles and papaya

Acknowledgements: We thank Prof Rudolf Bauer (Graz), Prof Hubiao Chen (Hong Kong), Dr Tai-Ping Fan (Cambridge), Dr Ping Guo (Hong Kong), Dr Clara Lau (Hong Kong), Prof Jianping Liu (Beijng), Prof Jiqing Liu (Shenzhen), Prof. Aiping Lu (Hong Kong), Dr Elizabeth Ren Qi (Hong Kong), Prof Nicola Robinson (London), Dr Helen Sheridan (Dublin), Prof Xuanbin Wang (Shiyan), Prof Vivian Wong (Hong Kong), Dr Qihe Xu (London), ProfZhongzhen Zhao (Hong Kong) and the WJTCM Editorial Office (Beijing) for their invaluable contributions.

We thank the SARS-CoV-2 images from NIAID-RML:

Images showing beautiful landscapes of China are borrowed from:    

Best wishes,

Qihe Xu

Your incumbent EIC and New Consulting Editor (London, UK)

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