The GP-TCM RA Newsletter November 2019 can be downloaded here: GP-TCM RA Newsletter November 2019

Dear GP-TCM RA Members and Friends,

Greetings from London, Mons, Shiyan and Taichung!

Highlights of the GP-TCM RA Newsletter November 2019:

  • Enabling Healthful Aging for All
  • A First Look at Voyage of Bencao
  • ATCM celebrated its 25th anniversary
  • The Nature cover page stories from China
  • Deficiency in Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang in TCM
  • The 3rd issue 2019 of WJTCM now published
  • Beyond the genome: RNA control of stem cells
  • Cellular RNA surveillance in health and disease
  • TCM further incorporated into global medical system
  • Britain and the EU will remain close even after Brexit
  • Drug Regulation in the Era of Individualized Therapies
  • Headache: 1 symptom, 12 differential diagnosis in TCM
  • Dr Tai-Ping Fan awarded the 2019 Qihuang International Prize
  • China to further expand TCM services and improve elderly care
  • 7,2000 Chinese classics now digitalised and made open-access
  • Biological plasticity rescues target activity in CRISPR knock outs
  • The 14th Zhang Zhongjing TCM Cultural Festival held in Nanyang
  • CCTV documentary Chinese Plants That Have Influenced the World
  • China publishes guideline on data management in TCM clinical trials
  • The 16th World Congress of Chinese Medicine was held in Budapest
  • Drug-induced Liver Injury (DILI) and Herb-induced Liver Injury (HILI)
  • From discoveries in ageing research to therapeutics for healthy ageing
  • Monthly Chinese Materia Medica Highlights: Chinese and purple foxgloves [Click to download]
  • 8 Chinese medical schools delisted from world directory of medical schools
  • Network Pharmacology of an Antiarrhythmic Chinese Medicine Xin Su Ning
  • The 6th International Conference on the Modernization of TCM held in Chengdu
  • China’s regulators granted conditional approval to GV-971 for Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Prof. Tu You you awarded the 2019 UNESCO-Equatorial Guinea International Prize
  • Scientists in the UK and China funded to investigate TCM for treatment of lung disease
  • Combining the wisdoms of traditional medicine with cutting-edge science and technology
  • Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area TCM Development Forum held in Guangzhou

Acknowledgements: Contributions from Prof. Rudolf Bauer (Graz), Dr Chris Chan (Hong Kong), Dr Rachel Choi (Daegu), Prof Hubiao Chen (Hong Kong), Prof. Pierre Duez (Mons), Dr Tai-Ping Fan(Cambridge), Dr Ping Guo (Hong Kong), Prof Jianping Liu (Beijing), Prof Jiqing Liu (Shenzhen), Dr Elizabeth Qi (Hong Kong), Dr Mei Wang (Leiden), Prof Xuanbin Wang (Shiyan), Prof Vivian Wong (Hong Kong), Prof Xu Jin (Beijing), Dr Qihe Xu (London) and Prof Zhongzhen Zhao (Hong Kong) are gratefully acknowledged.

Best wishes,

Qihe Xu, London; Pierre Duez, Mons; Yuan-Shiun Chang, Taichung; Xuanbin Wang, Shiyan

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