The GP-TCM RA Newsletter September 2018 can be downloaded here: GP-TCM RA Newsletter September 2018

Dear GP-TCM RA Members and Friends,

Greetings from London, Mons and Taichung!

Highlights of the GP-TCM RA Newsletter September 2018 are:

  • BMJ Best Practice
  • Unveiling the RNA World
  • Global cancer statistics 2018
  • Health in the UK in a no-deal Brexit
  • The 3D genome: A Nature Collection
  • The key to a happy lab life is in the manual
  • Corporate Member Featured: Dalian Fusheng
  • Cochrane review methods called into question
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine for Myasthenia Gravis
  • Omic and network-pharmacology studies of TCM
  • NIH names Helene Langevin director of the NCCIH
  • Circulating Extracellular Vesicles in Human Disease
  • The opium poppy genome and morphinan production
  • After 18 years, research into genome is bearing fruits
  • The Bone-Protecting Efficiency of Chinese Medicines
  • President Juncker’s ‘State of the Union’ 2018 Address
  • Genomics of Materia Medica – a new textbook published
  • Meeting reports and invitation from meetings and journals
  • Next-Generation Machine Learning for Biological Networks
  • China declared world’s largest producer of scientific articles
  • Real World Study Guideline 2018 published in August 2018
  • Forum on China-Africa Cooperation: what it means for health
  • Ways to promote and foster collaborative research in your lab
  • European funders commit to science without paywalls by 2020
  • Prioritize the needs of the audience when giving a presentation
  • A video in celebration of the 500th Anniversary of Li Shizhen’s birth
  • Why you need an agenda for meetings with your principal investigator
  • The FDA Amendments Act of 2007 — Assessing Its Effects a Decade Later
  • In vivo CRISPR editing with no detectable genome-wide off-target mutations
  • Principles of DNA methylation and their implications for biology and medicine
  • Adaptive design clinical trials: a review of the literature and

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Happy reading!

Best wishes,

Qihe Xu, London; Pierre Duez, Mons and Yuan-Shiun Chang, Taichung
Qihe Xu, Newsletter Editor-in-chief and Board Member, The GP-TCM Research Association

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