The special issue in Phytomedicine has been published!

Guest Editors: Monique Simmonds, Aiping Lu, Clara Bik-San Lau, Thomas Efferth, Nicky Robinson

The key aim of this special issue is to provide updates on the progress being made in the areas of traditional Chinese medicine covered by the seven special interest groups within the association. The Chairs of the different special interest groups will be helping to co-ordinate reviews and research papers covered by their areas. Researchers who are not members of the Association but who have shared interests in the topics covered by the Association are also encouraged to submit original research papers or reviews.

All papers and reviews must be submitted online directly to Phytomedicine (under this special issue) by 28 February 2022.

Special Interest Groups and their respective Chairs and Co-chairs:

• Quality Control – Min Ye (Chair) and Rudolf Bauer (Co-Chair)

• Pharmacology and Toxicology – Pierre Duez (Chair) and Hongxi Xu (Co-Chair)

• Clinical Studies – Zhaoxiang Bian (Chair) and Myeong Soo Lee (Co-Chair)

• Regulatory Aspects – Mei Wang (Chair) and Gerhard Franz (Co-Chair)

• Acupuncture – Moxibustion and Meridians – Nicola Robinson (Chair), Lixing Lao (Co-Chair) and Jianping Liu (Co-Chair)

• Good Clinical Practice Guidelines (GCPG) – Vivian Taam Wong (Chair) and Chris Chan (Co-Chair)

• Publication standards for TCM research– Rob Verpoorte (Chair) and Thomas Efferth (Co-Chair)

Please visit Phytomedicine website for details.

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