The GP-TCM RA Newsletter August 2019 can be downloaded here: August 2019 GP-TCM RA Newsletter

Dear GP-TCM RA Members and Friends,

Greetings from London, Mons and Taichung!

Highlights of the GP-TCM RA Newsletter August 2019:

• TCM to serve “Healthy China”

• Robot-Controlled Acupuncture

• Appointment of new Treasurer

• The concept of “Damp” in TCM

• Frontiers in Medicine: Gene Therapy

• Can UK’s choice of PM surprise China?

• Improving occupational health in China

• Histories of TCM in Britain and in Japan

• Prevention and control of obesity in China

• Saving the Endangered Physician-Scientist

• Top-10 Most famous TCM doctors in history

• How to switch ‘bad science’ for ‘good science’?

• New mechanism of anti-diabetic Miao medicine

• Report on the 18th CGCM Meeting in Shanghai

• US targeting of Chinese scientists fuels brain drain

• Drug-Induced Liver Injury — Types and Phenotypes

• Tongue coating microbiome as a potential biomarker

• Let Traditional Wisdom Inspire: A Nephrologist’s View

• All natural products imports from China face higher tariffs

• Laboratory mice born to wild mice have natural microbiota

• Prof Rudolf Bauer awarded the ASP Varro Tyler prize 2019

• Prevalence, risk factors and management of asthma in China

• How to tell your adviser you’re pursuing a nonacademic career

• Global, Regional, and Country-Specific Lifetime Risks of Stroke

• Ten Requirements to Doctors by Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon

• Moving beyond P values: data analysis with estimation graphics

• Stroke, as the top killer in China, highlighted by Lancet and NEJM

• Acupuncture for Chronic Stable Angina: A RCT and a meta-analysis

• Implications of HMRA approval of Chinese herbal products in the UK

• Lancet publishes “Genomic medicine and pharmacogenomics” series

• Shanghai in spotlight: 3 ground-breaking clinical trials published in NEJM

• Mortality, morbidity, and risk factors in China and its provinces, 1990–2017

• Director-General of WHO writes in Lancet on beating the tobacco epidemic

• Report on TCM Modernisation & Internationalisation meeting in Hong Kong

• The Mutational Features of Aristolochic Acid–Induced Mouse and Human Liver Cancers

• Sichuan published development plan for Chinese medicinal material industry (2018-2025)

• TCM Use in the Treatment of Acute Heart Failure in Western Medicine Hospitals in China

• Best practices and benchmarks for intact protein analysis for top-down mass spectrometry

• XueBiJing Efficacious in Critically ill Patients With Severe Community-Acquired Pneumonia

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Qihe Xu, London; Best Pierre Duez, Mons; and Yuan-Shiun Chang, Taichung

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