The GP-TCM RA Newsletter July 2018 can be downloaded here: GP-TCM RA Newsletter July 2018

Dear GP-TCM RA Members and Friends,

Greetings from London, Mons and Taichung!

Highlights of the GP-TCM RA Newsletter July 2018 are:

  • Beyond epigenetics
  • Translating translation
  • Action on salt in China
  • Writing a journal article
  • Messenger RNA Modifications
  • The 2018 GP-TCM RA AGM Report
  • Genome editing: proceed with caution
  • Invitations from meetings and journals
  • An update on the Newton Fund in China
  • First Horizon Europe Draft Report Published
  • Report on the 43rd GP-TCM RA BoD meeting
  • Report on the 6th GP-TCM RA Annual Meeting
  • Citation of non-English peer review publications
  • Guidelines That Recommend the Use of Acupuncture
  • The Economists’ Comment on China’s belt-and-road plans
  • UK life science research: time to burst the biomedical bubble
  • George F Gao: head of China CDC signals a more global outlook
  • Summary to Discussions of The Regulatory Aspect Interest Group
  • Two video links in celebration of the 500th Anniversary of  Li Shizhen’s birth
  • Effect of Acupuncture vs Sham Acupuncture or Waitlist Control on Joint Pain
  • The US FDA issued warning letter to American Chinese Medicine Association
  • Key Points for the Conservation and Sustainable Sourcing of TCM plant species
  • Will research help to establish acupuncture as a NHS healthcare option in the UK?
  • Report on “Fusion of Traditional Medicines and Modern Technologies” Forum in Cambridge

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Happy reading!

Best wishes,

Qihe Xu, London

Pierre Duez, Mons and

Yuan-Shiun Chang, Taichung

Qihe Xu, Newsletter Editor-in-chief and Board Member, The GP-TCM Research Association

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