The GP-TCM RA May Day Special Edition can be downloaded here: GP-TCM RA Newsletter 2017 May Day Special Edition

Dear GP-TCM RA Members and Friends,

Greetings from London, Mons and Taichung: Happy Early May Bank Holiday and May Day!

Highlights of the current issue include:

1. An editorial entitled “Air Pollution-induced Diseases: A Place for TCM in Prevention?”
2. Honorary Member Prof. Dr. Gerhard Franz and Board Member Prof. Dr. Rudolf Bauer awarded the 2016 Qihuang International Prize of China Association of Chinese Medicine.
3. Miansheng Zhu, a Senior TCM practitioner, was honoured by a French Knights of Honor Legion Medal for her contribution to healthcare in France.

4. Europe must find a new home for its drug regulator — and a way to keep using English.

5. Regulatory Review of New Therapeutic Agents — FDA versus EMA, 2011–2015.

6. China’s oldest-old—prospects for good health in late life.

7. State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine published a guideline for special calls for applications of TCM international cooperation,the call is open between 5th-15th May 2017

8. China ADR report: TCM products account for 16.9% in 2016, similar to that in 2015.

9. Global Kidney Health Atlas: One in 10 people worldwide have kidney disease, according to the first detailed global report on care delivery for kidney disease.

10. China’s Supreme People’s Court is to make the submission of falsified clinical data a crime punishable by multi-year prison terms.

11. Reports on Integrative Medicine China 2017, the 17th International Congress of the Society of Ethnopharmacology and the 2017 Congress of the International Society of Chinese Medicine.

12. Invitations from journals and future meetings.

Best wishes,

Sincerely, your editors,

Qihe Xu, London
Pierre Duez, Monz and
Yuan Shaun, Taichung

Qihe Xu, MD, PhD
Newsletter Editor-in-chief and Board Member, The GP-TCM Research Association

Co-Director, King’s Centre for Integrative Chinese Medicine
Senior Lecturer in Renal Medicine
Dept. of Renal Sciences, DTIMB & MRC Centre for Transplantation
Admissions Tutor & Organiser of MSc/MRes Projects, Dept. of Pharmacology
Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine
King’s College London
The Rayne Institute
123 Coldharbour Lane
London SE5 9NU
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7848 5108
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7848 0515

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