The 4th International Conference on Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be held in Chengdu, Sichuan, China on September 26-27, 2013: A meeting series held once every 3-5 years since 2002, the conference is organised by the Sichuan Provincial Government and co-sponsored or co-organised by China’s Ministry of Science & Technology, Ministry of Health, State Administration of TCM, State Food and Drugs Administration and many other governmental ministries, research institutions and international organisations.

This year, with the theme of “TCM Concerted Innovation & Industrial Development” the conference will comprise 8 panels, each covering an important aspect of TCM. For example, the Panel 2 of the conference is entitled Heritage and Development of Basic Theories of TCM and focuses on research of (i) theory of TCM zang-fu visceral manifestation and biological basis (中医藏象理论及生物学基础研究); (ii) aetiology, pathogenesis and therapeutic methods and principles in TCM (中医病因、病机与治则治法研究); (iii) theory of TCM drug properties and actions (中药药性和功效的理论研究); (iv) TCM drug formulation and compatibility, and mechanism of action (中药复方配伍规律与作用机制研究); and (v) new technologies and methods of TCM heritage research (中医传承研究的新技术、新方法).

For details of all panels, please visit the official website of the conference: Any inquiries please be addressed to: The conference cordially invites international submission of abstracts before the deadline on July 15, 2013. Structure of abstracts should be as follows.

  • Title
  • Authors’ full names
  • Institute, City, Zip code, Country
  • Text (300~500 words)
  • Biography (including name, title, specialty, E-mail, Tel./Mobile)
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