The GP-TCM Research Association was promoted during the GP-TCM Final Conference (12th-13th April 2012). It will also be promoted at the public event GP-TCM Congress (16th – 18th April 2012). BoD members including President and President-Elect will give presentations, distribute leaflets and enrol new members.

There will be dedicated Association presentations given at the Final Conference and the GP-TCM Congress. This will be a great opportunity to introduce the Association to all members, stakeholders and public, while providing a platform to discuss relevant issues and enrol members. Also on 15th April 2012, there will be a closed-door BoD meeting.

The 2012 Shanghai International TCM Conference will be held on 20th – 21st October 2012 in Shanghai, China. The event will be co-organised by the GP-TCM Research Association and will serve as it’s First Annual Meeting.

The Association will offer free membership (which will last until the end of 2012) to all participants of the above events, who enrol during the meetings. In addition, lifetime membership option will be available. The cost of this membership option is expected to be 10 times the annual fee, which is to be determined in due course. Each new member candidate will be asked to complete a simple registration form.

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