Appointment of Steering Committee, Technical Advisory Committee, and Ethics Panel members: Following a closed voting session, Coordination Office Members and SOP Panel Co-Chairs have elected members for vacant positions of the aforementioned committees during February 2010. The elected members have accepted to take part in these groups and have indicated their willingness to contribute to these committees actively. Warmest congratulations go to all elected Committee and Panel Members!

Please see below for the details of these committees and their associated members:

Steering Committee:

  • In charge of the scientific and technical direction of the project.
  • Comprises all 10 WP coordinators and around 5 senior Consortium members or experts nominated by the CO.
  • It’s the authority for making all technical decisions within the project and has direct control of all scientific activities.
  • Responsible for reviewing external deliverables and publications and is responsible for the technical quality assurance of all project outputs including deliverables, publications, demonstrations, and so on.
  • All official documents to be delivered to the Commission or submitted for publication must be internally reviewed by the Steering Committee. These feedback documents will form the basis for guiding revision and approval by the CO.
  • Members of the Committee: Prof. Rudi Bauer, Prof. Alberto Dias, Prof. De-an Guo, Prof. Brigitte Kopp, Prof. Elisabeth M. Williamson, Prof. Monique Simmonds (WP1), Prof. Peter Proksch (WP2), Prof. Pierre Duez (WP3 co-coordinator), Prof. Xinmin Liu (WP3 co-coordinator), Prof. Peter Hylands (WP4), Prof. Javier Lucio-Cazaña (WP5), Prof. Kenneth Muir (WP6), Dr. Tai-Ping Fan (WP7 co-coordinator), Prof. Kelvin Chan (WP7 co-coordinator), Prof. Xiao-Min Wang (WP8), Prof. Rob Verpoorte (WP9), and Dr. Qihe Xu (WP10).

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC):

  • Composed of 5 members, elected from the Consortium members and experts and approved by the Steering Committee
  • Responsible to advise the Steering Committee and provide support to the CO as far as technical management is concerned
  • Responsible for implementation of long-term strategies of technical issues, choice of techniques (especially functional genomics and other emerging new technologies), quality control of techniques and appropriate interpretation of results.
  • TAC to be provided with a progress report every six months by each Work Package. These progress reports will be delivered to the CO via the Project Manager, and will contain sufficient technical information to enable the CO to be assured that work is progressing according to plan. The TAC is entitled to request additional reports and remedial actions where appropriate.
  • The TAC to submit a report to the CO at each Steering Committee meeting describing the status of the technical work, including work progress, resources consumed, current goals, future work, and other relevant information.
  • All five nominees of the TAC will be submitted to the Steering Committee for their approval.
  • Members of the Committee: Prof. Pierre Duez, Prof. Peter Hylands, Prof. Peter Proksch, Prof. Monique Simmonds, and Prof. Rob Verpoorte.

Ethics Panel:

  • The Ethics Panel will be appointed by the CO among consortium members and experts who are familiar to the ethical issues related to attempts at integrating Western and Chinese medical philosophies.
  • The committee to work closely with the TAC helping Steering Committee, and ultimately the CO, to monitor research direction and coordinate research progress for each WP and across the Consortium.
  • Members of the Panel: Prof. Kelvin Chan, Prof. Xinmin Liu, Dr. Ning Wang, and Prof. Sue Watson.
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