Dear GP-TCM Members,

Webinar Centre aims provide you advise on the tools available via the project website as well as some tools available on the internet, which can be used to organise and host web-based seminars and teleconferences. This page does not serve as a substitute for webinar functionality, it only provides advice on available means to organise such event.

Checking availability of your members:

Visit “Doodle” at Doodle is an interactive website, where you can use its free online coordination tool for event scheduling, which will help you find the right date and time for a group of people to meet. The free basic doodle service does not require you to register or install any software on your computer.

Voice, text, and video based teleconference / seminar tools:


Visit “Skype” at Skype, which is a free software to download and install on your computer, will allow you to make free voice as well as video calls, send instant text messages and share files with other Skype users. You can also use Skype to make low-cost calls to local and international numbers. We use Skype to hold our regular teleconferences such as the CO teleconference, MSM and e-MSM teleconferences, plant list discussion teleconferences etc.

Discussion forums at the project website:

Visit our forums at You can join to an existing discussion forum or create a new forum (via your WP Website Representative) to exchange ideas and discuss various issues.

Chat at the GP-TCM website chat rooms:

Visit our chat rooms at You can join to an existing chat room and use our live text-based chat facility to have a quick discussion session with other consortium members, where only registered website users can view the contents of your discussion. Alternatively, you can create a new chat room (via your WP Website Representative) to discuss new topics.

We aim to continuously update this page to provide you a comprehensive list of free online tools to help you organise, manage, and host your online events. If there are tools that you would like to share with other project members via this page, please contact our Project Manager Dr. Halil Uzuner at [email protected].

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