Halil Uzuner (huzuner)

WP7 Phase I Kick-off Meeting

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Joint WP1/WP2 Kick-off Meeting – Phase II

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Editorial Board Meeting and labour division


(English) The Website Editorial Board is composed of all WP website representatives, and general maintenance and update of the website contents will be handled by the members of this …more

The 9th CO Teleconference/3rd Management & Science Meeting (MSM)

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Consortium Newsletter: December 2009 – January 2010 issue


(English) TEST-GP application submitted on the 22nd December …more

Consortium Newsletter: October 2009 issue


(English) The Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival Special …more

Consortium Newsletter: September 2009 issue

Cambridge Forum_90

(English) The First Cambridge TCM Forum (in collaboration with CGCM) – Traditional Chinese Medicine in Tomorrow’s World, 28 August …more

Consortium Newsletter: August 2009 issue


(English) Latest consoritum news and TCM drug development …more

Consortium Newsletter: July 2009 issue


(English) Personalised medicine and TCM, a virtuous …more