GP-TCM RA virtual conference 2020

The GP-TCM RA virtual conference 2020 titled “Chinese medicines: From anti-viral effects to future global development” was organized by Hong Kong Baptist University, held on 18 December 2020. E-booklet and videos can be downloaded here:

GP-TCM RA virtual conference 2020 eBooklet

Videos can be downloaded by clicking the titles of each talk:

Prof. Zifeng YANG-The pathway for medical translation of TCM against SARS-CoV-2 based on integration of Chinese and Western medicine 
Prof. Rudolf BAUER-What is needed for the acceptance of Chinese medicine in the fight against COVID-19 in European countries
Prof. Thomas EFFERTH-Artemisinin derivatives to combat viral diseases
Prof. Jianping LIU-Anti-COVID-19 with Traditional Chinese Medicine: research evidence in China
Prof. Pang-Chui SHAW-Evidence-based study on traditional prescriptions for the inhibition of influenza virus
Discussion session

Highlights of the virtual conference

Moderator: Prof. Aiping Lyu

Moderator: Prof. Clara Lau

Speaker: Prof. Zifeng Yang

Speaker: Prof. Rudolf Bauer

Speaker: Prof. Thomas Efferth

Speaker: Prof. Jianping Liu

Speaker: Prof. Pang-Chui Shaw

The hosts and technical staffs behind the screen

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