GP-TCM RA 2017年2-3月通訊

GP-TCM RA Newsletter Feb-Mar 2017: Feb-Mar 2017 GP-TCM RA NL

Dear Members and Friends of the GP-TCM Research Association, 

Spring is in the air! We wish the attached Newsletter and our greetings from London, Belgium and Taichung find you in good health and high spirits!

This edition features:

  • Your editors’ plan for the future of your newsletters
  • An innovation award for startup won by GP-TCM RA Honorary Member Prof. Yung-Chi Cheng
  •      Cell Leading-Edge Story by Zhu Chen and Sai-Juan Chen, Poisoning the Devil
  • Cell reportPostdocs, What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?
  • Reports on Teleconferences of theGP-TCM RA BoD and Newsletter Editors
  • Report on the First Forum of Materia Medica Culture and the Inauguration of the Nationally-Certified AAAAA Status of the Guangxi Medical Botanical Garden
  • Development Plan of the Belt and Road for Traditional Chinese Medicine (2016-2020)
  • RCT published in JAMA Intern Med indicates that true acupuncture is associated with long-term reduction in migraine recurrence compared with sham acupuncture
  • University of Southampton study on TCM treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome.
  • ERA Progress Report 2016 and ERC Proof of Concept 2016 Results
  • EC’s €8.5 billion investment into research and innovation during 2017
  • Horizon 2020 work programmes 2018-2020
  • Opportunities from Newton Fund
  •      UK Government white paper on The UK’s exit from and new partnership with the EU
  • Invitations fromWorld Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lancet, Acta Pharmacologica Sinica  and Journal of Zhejiang University-SCIENCE B (Biomedicine & Biotechnology)

Remember this is YOUR Newsletter!  Please send us interesting news and exciting developments related to TCM research in your part of the world.

Sounding Board: Reserved for GP-TCM RA members, this section is dedicated to members who wish to express their opinions, share their views and comment on publications in previous issues of the GP-TCM RA Newsletters. All members are sincerely invited to contribute proactively. Please feel free to e-mail us!

Best regards,

Yours sincerely,

Qihe, Pierre and Yuan Shiun

Dr. Qihe Xu, King’s College London, London (;

Prof. Pierre Duez, University of Mons, Mons (; and

Prof. Yuan Shiun Chang, China Medical University, Taichung (

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