GP-TCM Consortium Newsletter: November-December 2010 issue


(English) Merry Christmas from GP-TCM! China invests 4 billion RMB in constructing 16 National Clinical Research Bases of TCM, WHO moves to classify traditional …more

GP-TCM Consortium Newsletter: October-November 2010 issue


(English) New EU Strategies and Policies, Revisiting UK’s Seed Cathedral in Shanghai 2010 World Expo …more

GP-TCM Consortium Newsletter: September-October 2010 issue


(English) 3rd e-MSM Teleconference, TCM speech at the headquarters of the Wellcome Trust, new member …more

GP-TCM Consortium Newsletter: August-September 2010 issue


(English) Latest TCM news, CGCM Membership application finalised, New members appointed, further reading …more

GP-TCM Consortium Newsletter: July-August 2010 issue


(English) 1st GP-TCM Annual Meeting, Joint WP1 – WP2 Phase II Kick-off Meeting, Joint WP4 – WP7 Phase II Kick-off Meeting …more

GP-TCM Consortium Newsletter: June 2010 issue

GP-TCM Consortium Newsletter June 2010 issue

(English) New GP-TCM Members, 2nd e-MSM, and business tour of the GP-TCM Coordinator
around Hong Kong, Macao and mainland China to promote the …more

GP-TCM Consortium Newsletter: May 2010 issue


(English) WP7, 3rd Plant Lists, and 3rd WP Website Representatives …more

GP-TCM Consortium Newsletter: April 2010 issue


GP-TCM celebrates its First Anniversary on 1st May …more

Consortium Newsletter: March 2010 issue


Appointment of Steering Committee, Technical Advisory Committee, and Ethics Panel …more

Application for CGCM membership


The Consortium has submitted an application for CGCM …more